A Small Cap poised to deliver a 19% immediate return21.03.2014

This week's issue is a cracker, covering small cap, which is cashed up and poised to deliver a quick fire return, plus there is invaluable market commentary from our investment commitee member and top performing fund manager, Geoff Wilson.

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Geoff Wilson: Wilson Asset Management

  • He tells us which stocks he's buying, many of which include companies that are benefiting from offshore expansion. He also comments on the recently ended interim profit reporting season and the state of the market.

BUY recommendation: poised to deliver a 19% return

  • Offshore expansion just happens to be the same theme of the stock that we cover in depth tomorrow.The thing is, the company is cashed up, so much of the short-term risk is taken out of the equation.

Our average annual return of just under 30%

  • We also cover numerous stocks, which we are updating our subscribers on, and we are pleased that the current dividend trend has boosted the annual average return of all our 107 tips to just under 30%.

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