A Big Win on BigAir!14.09.2016

Another day, another small cap takeover offer! On Tuesday the listed company

Superloop (SLC) made a takeover offer worth close to $200m for BigAir (BGL) at a 30%
premium to its previous share price. This is great news for our subscribers who followed our advice.

We tipped this stock just over two months ago and it’s so far returned 60% and could go further based on the value these two companies attribute to the fibre network of Superloop being added to BigAir’s wireless infrastructure.

We have been long-term supporters of BigAir. We tipped it when Under the Radar Report first kicked off some five years ago when it was close to 30 cents.

BigAir’s stock is now just over $1 and it’s been at these levels before. We’ve taken profits on this stock at certain times and it’s not unusual for us to go back in when we see value, which is what we are constantly looking for.

It’s not an accident that we’ve been telling people to take profits on a number of our tips in the past few months. Asset prices have more than doubled in the past seven to ten years, while income levels have barely moved. People are going up the risk curve to get more bang for their buck.

Looking more broadly at the interest rate threat from the US and other clouds on the horizon, we are convinced it’s the right strategy to leave yourself with flexibility to purchase stocks which get oversold in this environment.

Because our universe of stocks is so big in terms of sheer numbers, we are constantly seeing opportunities which could translate into the next BigAir.

About the Author

Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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