Under the Radar's
Big Cap Portfolio Strategy

At Under the Radar Report we specialise in bringing the world of institutional research into subscribers' hands and this is definitely the case with the addition of the former Goldman Sachs investment strategist and independent researcher Sam Ferraro.

Ferraro is one of only a few analysts who are good enough to have left stockbroking to give independent advice to the big fund managers of the world.

"Being an independent researcher means I have no conflicts of interest. I can write reports that are constructively critical of senior management and not have to be concerned about currying favour with the company. I rarely rely solely on the prounouncements for the company's CEO; I look to verify their comments from independent and alternative information sources. I have been critical of high profile companies at various times in the past which were the right calls.

"Independence is a key because making money is as much about knowing to avoid or get out of a stock as it is about getting into those stocks in the first place."

Set Up Your Portfolio: High conviction portfolio of 15-25 Big Cap Stocks

Under the Radar's Big Value Portfolio which subscribers to Big Value have full access to, at any one time includes between 15 and 25 ASX listed Big Cap stocks. This really does represent what this publication is about.


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