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Richard Hemming talk tips

Richard Hemming talks to you about small caps and about how to make the most for your portfolio. View all the blog articles here.

The Small Cap Stock Market Outlook

Richard talks about the market, what the outlook is for small cap stocks and the big investment themes where there is money to be made.

Richard Hemming on Big Value

Richard tell you how you can boost your portfolio's returns using a combination of Small Caps and Big Value reports.

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What are small caps?
Small caps are simply the smaller companies listed on the ASX that we search through to find value for subscribers. Small caps have a market capitalization of less than $300m.

Why should you invest in small companies?
Growth: It's easier for a small cap to double in size and in turn it's easier for it's share price to double in size. It is easier because it's starting from a smaller base. You don't hear of the top 10 stocks doubling in size because they are too big and they operate in established markets.

Small companies often have a niche and are operating in growth industries. And because of their size, they find it easier to respond to changing market conditions. A small company that is growing quickly and outperforming expectations will also draw more attention from fund managers and the media, increasing trading volumes and driving up its value. A prime example is Sirtex Medical (SRX). We first covered it at $6.28 but with lots of good news and strong sales its share price has sky rocketed.

Learn more about small caps

What our weekly stock research report will do for you

We give you investment opportunities that you won't find anywhere else. We hunt for small companies that are cheap that we think have the potential to one day be a big company. Our reports are emailed out each Thursday morning. Subscribers have full access online and can easily access all our research. Plus we have exclusive interviews with the top performing small cap managers who will give you genuinely great investment advice.

Our Experts

We interview the top performing small cap fund managers in Australia.
These experts provide really helpful tips to our subscribers on which companies they are buying, their individual investment philosophies and what the key buying/selling trends are. The investors give practical advice and tips on what to look for when buying stocks.


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Every portfolio should hold 20-30% in small caps for growth. A dividend yield of 6 & now won’t keep you living well when you retire and don’t have a salary. Our value based investment process ensures our experts select cheap stocks with Big Potential.

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Small caps selected and researched by industry experts. We help you choose the right stocks for your portfolio. Delivering 27% annualised returns.

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I have enjoyed your free trial over last few weeks and took your advice to buy 3 of your recommendations with very favourable results, Thank you.

I paid a subscription. I'm in the Radar Club, and so far have made about 66% of what it cost me to join...So I am happy. Keep those tips rolling in.

Bob Lawrence

Congrats on 5 years coming up. I read Under the Radar with interest, particularly the fund manager sections. Congrats to you, too – you have maintained a great level of service, which is hard to do and rare to find.

David C. Smith

Happy with the service. I like that it doesn’t aim to cover all things for all people but just sticks with the small caps and nails it!

Leigh Harris
I thoroughly enjoy not only reading Under The Radar reports but also acting on the contents within the publication with I have to say with a fair amount of success. Many thanks!
Max Percy
Thanks Richard.The weekly UTR Reports are insightful and much appreciated. Thanks again, look forward to the next addition.
Peter Lane
>In the short time I have been a member of UTR I have been impressed with the skills in isolating a number of smaller companies that have successfully increased their financial performance and as a result their share price.
Ralph Andreas

Under the Radar Report has made me a lot of money from Freedom Foods, Big Air, Pharmaxis and Melbourne IT, in terms of growth , a big 54 per cent capital return and good dividends

Ray Lanham

Altogether great services from Team Radar and naturally Richard with his sharp mind or/pen.

Roland Weber
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