How The Dividend Report returned incredible yields thanks to high growth Small Caps

By: Caroline Mark
12 months on and our Dividend Report in Issue 174 has returned 46%, which includes a cash yield of 7.8%. This is more than double the market return of 20% over the same period. Can we do it again? Our team has scoured our universe to find a collection of dividend paying high growth Small Caps. "It’s much easier to achieve returns on equity of .....
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Investing in telecommunications small caps can be a leap of faith

By: Richard Hemming
The past few years have been tough for Macquarie Telecom ASX (, the Australian telecommunications company founded by the Tudehope brothers in 1992. Aidan and David Tudehope, who own about 60% of the company, spent $120million on data centres converting their business to a cloud-based model (investing in data centres .....
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The uphill struggle for mobile technology small caps

By: Richard Hemming
You would think that of all the sectors in the economy, mobile technology companies would have a huge scope for profit. Consider these facts released by little known small cap Mobile Embrace (MBE) ASX: The internet is accessed more frequently on mobile devices than on desktop/laptop devices The average mobile phone user checks their phone 85  .....
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Small Cap Analysis: Uber vs Cabcharge ASX which is the smart investment choice?

By: Richard Hemming
When it comes to money it is important to divorce what you find ‘sexy’ from what is a sound investment. Russian Billionaire Mikhail Fridman would do well to head this advice following his recent US$200m (A$273m) investment in ride sharing app Uber. If Mikhail had spoken to us he would be hedging his Uber bet with the entirely un-sexy Aussie small c .....
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